Eating Portsmouth – Saturday Dinner

When I started planning our little getaway a couple weeks back I turned to OpenTable in search of a restaurant for Saturday night. While spontaneous is nice we often get in a rut of what do you want, no what do you want and neither of us ends up satisfied. By finding a place in advance and making a reservation I knew we had one decision made so we could go about our Saturday adventures. I looked for a place with a mix of offerings and cuisines. To make a long story short we ended up dining at Black Trumpet Bistro.

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Eating Portsmouth – Friday Dinner

“A mini-break is true love.” – Bridget Jones

I whisked my husband, Ted, away for a long weekend in Portsmouth (NH) this past weekend. In the next few posts I’ll share some of the places we ate, what impressed me, and what didn’t.

After arriving in Portsmouth we settled into our hotel room and played our favorite game, “no, what do you want for dinner?” After consulting the oracles of OpenTable, Google and Yelp we ended up at 106 Kitchen & Bar. Continue reading

Good food

Once every 6 months or so I treat myself to a quiet lunch at my currently favorite restaurant, Tomasso in Southboro.

Today I stopped in after the lunch rush and enjoyed a glass of wine and a plate of butternut squash gnocchi with a sage brown butter. I followed that with a salad of roasted pears, prosciutto and roasted walnuts. The hostess brought the salad over, mentioned how I was playing around with the order of things and that she liked that. The salad was very tasty, the roasting bring out an extra sweetness in the pears.

One of the things I like about Tomasso is that even though it’s been at least 6 months since I stepped inside the staff acted as if they remembered me. It’s interesting to me how the phrase “It’s good to see you again.” makes me feel so darn happy.