Jelly Roll with Cranberry Compote and Orange Marscapone

Follow a number of food bloggers on Instagram and other social media. One of my favorites is theboywhobakes. Around Thanksgiving time he posted an roulade (though I think of it as a jelly roll) that looked so tasty I saved the post for a random weekend when I’d be able to examine it further. This was that weekend.

[Jelly Roll]I confess that jelly rolls don’t have a good reputation in our kitchen. More often than not then have become the basis for a sweet trifle when they cracked in half during rolling. For whatever reason I was convinced I could make it work. Then I looked at the recipe and was a bit dumbfounded. This looked like no jelly roll cake I’d seen before and I looked away. I found a cake recipe I was more comfortable with, tweaked it a bit and went with that.

The jelly roll still cracked however it was delicious. Worthy of another try I think.
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Fennel and Orange Salad

I first came across this recipe in the mid-2000s while thumbing through a cooking magazine at a now defunct bookseller. It sounded like a great alternative to a big green salad, especially in the winter when good greens are shipped from the other side of the globe. It’s often makes an appearance at our annual holiday party.

Fennel and Orange Salad

Fennel and Orange Salad

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