Saturday night – 01/28/2012

White bean and Kale soup
Sauteed kielbasa
Sauteed chorico
Green salad with roasted red peppers, fennel and vinaigrette
Homemade rolls

We thought we would be away for the afternoon and this was a menu that I knew I could pull together quickly.

I prepared 1 pound of dried beans (soak over night & cook for 20-30 minutes), assuming I would have extras that I could use sometime during the week. Turned out that I used all of them. I guess it was pushing things to expect 16 oz. of dried bean to equal 76 oz. of canned beans.

I cooked the kielbasa & chorico separately because one of our friends has a beef alergy (the kielbasa was pork & beef).

I thin sliced the fennel on a mandeline and “marinated” it with olive oil and a bit of salt for ~1 hour before putting the salad together. We used red leaf lettuce and chicory this week.

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