Saturday night – 08/10/2013

Summer vegetables were on my mind and I wanted to find a way to utilize more of the bounty that this time of year provides in the Northeast. It is sometimes difficult with picky eaters to come up with a menu that suits that tastes of all who join us. So this week I just gave up and went for something I knew I would like.

Grilled boneless chicken breasts with Mint and Cashew Gremolata
Summer Vegetable Ratatouille
Orecchiette with butter and parsley

Blueberry Pie

There were 13 of us for dinner this week (9 adults;4 child).

The ratatouille was good but not the best I’ve made. I tried a different recipe and wasn’t a fastidious with my vegetable cubing as I could have been. The eggplant basically dissolved into the stew rather than providing distinct chunks.

We consumed 1.5 lbs of orecchiette with no problem. I guess I’ll have to try 2 lbs. next time.

The blueberry pie was awesome. Ted used potato starch as the thickener and the result was great. The only downside was there isn’t any left to enjoy a second time.

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